The year in review


The year is almost over (obviously I’m behind in tearing off the days), and like most people I’ve been thinking about the past 12 months.

It’s been a pretty eventful year for me. It wasn’t all good–not by a long shot–but it was certainly eventful. And while Facebook recorded some of those events, it certainly didn’t get them all.

So here’s what I remember most about 2012.


We sold the house

I’d actually forgotten about this until Facebook reminded me.

It took 18 months and two real estate agents, but we finally got a buyer. And while we didn’t get the price we wanted (does anyone?), we still came out on top, both financially and mentally.

Of course, that meant I quickly had to find a place to rent, which is always fun at the beginning of the year.

The sad thing is, I’m thinking of doing it all again pretty soon. (Finding a place to rent, that is. Sheesh. What kind of masochist do you think I am?)


I got on top of my depression

It’s amazing how such a small tablet can make such a big difference.

I can still remember that night: chopping up onions and slicing mushrooms to make beef stroganoff, the flick of the mental switch, the wave euphoria sweeping over me, the smile that took hours to wear off.

Of course I’m still a long way from being “cured”. That may take years, if it happens at all. But changing medication has certainly made me the happiest I’ve been in quite a while. And I’m more than happy to keep taking it if this is what I get in return.

(And for those of you know me personally, I’m just having a bit of a rough patch at the moment. I’m sure I’ll bounce back soon.)

But I can also remember that terrible week where the two different medications made me go a bit crazy and I practically destroyed one of my closest friendships.


I officially became divorced

This is definitely one of the weirdest experiences I had all year.

We both knew it was happening. We’d signed the papers, sent them to the courts, and were now waiting for our divorce to become official.

And while we obviously weren’t happy with how things turned out, we both knew it was the right thing to do.

But when the envelope with the divorce papers finally came through, it still hit me for six.


I screwed up another relationship

It definitely wasn’t a good year for relationships.

I tried online dating once again, but never even got to an actual date. (You’ll be please to know I’ve given up on the idea completely now.)

Later on in the year I met Taliah at a party, and it seemed like my luck had finally changed.

Unfortunately I had to break it off because something was wrong. And that something was me.

I won’t go into the details here, but the bottom line is for now I’m giving up on relationships.


I filed my first tax return as a full-time freelancer

(Note: this is probably the only time I’ll think of filing my tax return as a ‘highlight’.)

Okay, so I didn’t exactly make my first million. (Take off a couple of zeros and you’d be closer to the truth.) But it was still nice to know I’d earned the money doing what I enjoyed.

And now that I’ve pretty much established the business, I should be able to improve on what I made this year.

Speaking of establishing the business… finally became a reality

It took a while to get up and running, but Sharper Copy finally made its debut. (Thank again to James and the team at Men With Pens for coming up with such a fantastic design.)

I still have a lot of work to do. I need to write loads of content, tweak the copy that’s already there, and promote the hell out of it. But at least now I can point people to it and say, “That’s my website”.

Now if I could just finish designing my business card so I can start handing them out as well.


I started getting more regular work

One thing I’m still getting used to is the feast-and-famine aspect of freelancing. A big job comes through and the bank balance starts looking pretty healthy. But then I don’t get any work for a while, and the money soon gets spent on luxuries such as rent and food.

Fortunately I now have some regular blogging gigs that give me the freelancing equivalent of a regular income. (A big thanks to Alicia Laing at Creative Mode for getting the gigs for me.) It’s nothing like I was earning at the day job, but it’s something I can rely on coming in every month. And the work is far more enjoyable.


So there you have it: the major events for me in 2012. They’re certainly not all highlights, but they definitely played a major part in my life. (If you think I’ve forgotten to mention something, feel free to tell me.)

And now comes the fun part: planning what will happen in 2013.

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