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Well, it looks like we’ve survived yet another doomsday prediction. (Okay, technically it’s the 21st for another two hours, but I’m not holding my breath.)

Still, I’m sure it got a lot people thinking about the meaning of life, and whether their time on this planet has been a fulfilling one.

Fortunately for us, Facebook is there to let us all know just how mundane our lives really are.

In case you don’t know, Facebook now gives everyone their own personal Year in Review, which brings up “your 20 biggest moments from the year”. And while it’s a pretty cool idea, it can paint a pretty grim picture of how you’ve spent the past 12 months.

I’m not sure what everyone else’s is like, but according to Facebook here are my highlights for 2012:

  • sold the house (actually, this was pretty awesome considering it had been on the market for 18 months)
  • changed my profile picture
  • took some photos
  • was tagged in other photos
  • found some old photos on my computer
  • became happy (another huge event in my life that I’m very… well, happy about)
  • took a video of a nearby park
  • went to a party
  • shared photos of a Dalek-shaped pot and a security chain with a maze-like path to follow
  • took a decent photo of my son (still pretty proud of this one)
  • shared some words of wisdom about depression (important considering how long I suffered it myself)
  • got a great Father’s Day present that my son made at day care
  • made some ridiculous poses that were subsequently shared on Facebook
  • took more photos–some funny, some serious, a lot blurry
  • updated my cover photo
  • made some friends
  • liked some pages

Now I admit my life isn’t exactly an action thriller, but a lot more has happened that I’d like to remember. And so I’ll probably write another post later on to fill in the gaps that Facebook missed.

So… how well did Facebook do at capturing your biggest moments of the year?

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