Room without a view

View from my office window (March 2012)

My view back in March…

Back in March I did a post on six things I didn’t miss about the day job.

One of those things was working in a cubicle, and I included the view from my office window to show how much better it was.

Unfortunately the view has changed a bit since then.

As you can see from the latest photo, most of the trees have been replaced by rather ugly units. I don’t remember when the destruction… sorry, construction started (obviously it was after March), but it seems like it’s been going on for ever.

Oh, and sorry for the “screen door” effect in the photo. My windows are covered in dust from┬áthe construction, so I had to take it through the flywire screen.

View from my office (December 2012)

… and now in December.

And if the dust is bad, the noise is even worse.

I used to wake up to the sound or birds in the trees. Now I wake up to sounds of hammering, sawing and the incessant beeping or trucks reversing. They’re usually working at seven, but sometimes they start even earlier.

And just as they’re finishing up the people next door usually do a few dozen laps around the grassy knoll on their motorbike.

Needless to say the office isn’t quite as relaxing as it used to be.

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