The results are in

Remember how I had that blood test a week ago? Well, tonight I had my appointment to find out the results.

Normally I’d be annoyed about having to see my doctor (who doesn’t bulk bill) just to get the answers. I’ve had tests where they just say “Yes” or “No” over the phone, but I still had to make an appointment, sit in the waiting room, and so on just to get the answer—a waste of everyone’s time.

But this time I didn’t mind, because I wanted to talk to him anyway. Well, not so much wanted to as needed to.

Of course, I wasn’t in any pain, so I didn’t mind being in the waiting room. I had my phone, and a good book. I was happy to just sit there and read for a while. Maybe medical centres should be situated near a library as well as a chemist.

Eventually I got called in to, and the doctor showed me the results. To me they looked like something you’d see at the Australian Stock Exchange, but they actually showed my blood sugar levels, cholesterol and a bunch of health-related stuff. Apparently.

The good news is everything was fine—all within acceptable ranges. Even my ECG was “perfect”. It’s a bit of a surprise really, considering what I have for lunch sometimes. (I can’t wait until there’s a decent supermarket near my office again.). But I wasn’t about to ask for a recount.

That was the “all clear” to put me on some medication. He wrote a script, but also gave me a bunch of free samples, which is always a bonus. (If I ever had the chance to go to a medical convention, I’m sure they have some very interesting showbags.)

And then we had a chat about some other stuff. The chat went for a while, because there were lots of long pauses during our conversation. And at the end he wrote a script for some more tablets. (No free samples this time.)

Not what I wanted. But apparently what I need.

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  • altait March 31, 2010, 1:17 pm

    Hope all is well Bill and that the chats you have scheduled give you all the answers you need.


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