The best of friends

When it comes to friends, I suck sometimes.

Sure, I’m great with my Twitter friends (well, most of them). But that’s mainly because they’re always there, and I just need to log in to talk to them. And now that I have my iPhone, I can do that pretty much anywhere. Or at least when I can get a connection.

We don’t even need to be “there” at the same time. One of us can say something at one time, and the other can reply whenever it’s convenient. Conversations can go on for days—especially the way I type.

But I have great friends I met long before I joined Twitter, and while I treasure their friendships just as much if not more, we don’t get together anywhere near as often. It’s as if it all gets too hard—diaries to coordinate, restaurants to book, GPSs to program, kids to pack for (or babysitters to book), traffic to navigate.

(Mind you, the scariest part of the whole thing is probably the “How long has it been?” calculations that need working out for when we finally do get together.)

Even phone calls seem to be put in the too-hard basket. Admittedly by the time we get everyone fed, and then our son bathed and put to bed it can be quite late. But that’s no excuse.

And I hate myself for it.

Don’t get me wrong. I still want to stay connected with the people I’ve met on Twitter. But I also want to reconnect with those people in my life I haven’t talked to lately.

(What’s interesting is I now have friends in real life that I would never have met if it hadn’t been for Twitter.)

So to those of you I know who aren’t on Twitter, I’m sorry. Please don’t think I value your friendship any less. It’s just that getting together in the real world is slightly more complicated.

But I definitely want to stay in touch. Losing a friend on Twitter is bad enough, but losing a friend in real life is far worse. So don’t be surprised if I give you a call soon to try and arrange a lunch, or a dinner, or maybe even just to catch up over the phone.

I’ll even try to work out the answer to the “How long has it been?” question for you.

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  • e.lee March 6, 2010, 5:58 pm

    Before social networking , friendships were about scheduling and arrangement, as you mentioned, now whenever someone does not log on to their Facebook/Twitter it feels like they’ve disappeared


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