So much to download, so little time

I’ve just realised my Internet download quota resets at midnight, and so I’m madly downloading anything that looks remotely interesting to use up what’s left.

If you’ve ever seen those competitions where some has five minutes to grab as much as they can from the supermarket shelves, you’ll know what it’s about. Thankfully the Internet is a little bit easier to control than a shopping trolley.

But unlike the supermarket scenario, chances are I’ll never get to actually use what I download. I’ll just add it to the collection of useless stuff already cluttering up my hard drive, which I’ll then delete down the track when I need more space. What I really need to download is some free time (or maybe a babysitter).

(I’ll now pause for the obligatory cry of “There’s an app for that!”)

For those of you wondering what all this quota talk is all about, we don’t have unlimited Internet plans in Australia. Instead you buy a plan that gives a certain number of gigabytes (“Not enough”, “Nowhere near enough”, “You’ve got to be kidding”, etc.) each month. Go over your limit, and either your connection gets slowed down to dial-up speed (ah, the nostalgia) or you get charged for every megabyte you go over. One download too many and you can kiss your house goodbye.

I’m on one of the “nostalgia” plans, so if I go over the limit I won’t lose my house. Instead my wife will probably leave me (she really hates being stuck on dial-up speed for three days because I’ve blown our limit) and then get the house in the divorce settlement.

Yes, I could just let it go and not worry about using it all up. But the stubborn part of me is saying, “You’ve paid for it, so you really should use it all”. Sometimes I’d like to lock the stubborn part of me in a cupboard for a few days and see what happens.

So here I am, downloading trailers for movies I’ll never get to see and subscribing to even more podcasts, despite the fact I already have enough on my hard drive/iPhone to keep me occupied for years.

Which may be a good thing, because my wife will probably get the TV in the divorce as well.

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