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If there’s one thing I’d like my son to be good at when he’s older, it’s reading.

It’s certainly not the only thing I’d like him to be good at. I’d like him to be good at everything from solving maths problems to making friends. But reading would certainly be near the top of the list.

Whenever someone asks me how they can become a better writer, I always give the same answer: “Read a lot, write a lot”. Now I’m not expecting my son to become a writer when he grows up. But I’d really love him to enjoy reading, and I can’t wait for the day when he gets his very first library card, and heads off to load his arms up with books.

The good news, he already seems to be interested in them. Sure, they’re mostly Yo Gabba Gabba books, but he still likes dragging them out and having me read them to him. And now he’s starting to actually look through the pages himself and point out the various characters.

He’s only two, so he’s a long way from reading the words, or even recognising the letters. But that may be about to change.

For the past week or so he’s been hooked on Dora the Explorer, whose voice sounds like scraping your fingernails down a blackboard after a while. (Please tell me you know what a blackboard is.) Still, as painful as it is to listen to it does keep him occupied while we get ready for work, and so it’s now part of our morning routine.

But now he’s found a new show to watch. And it’s not “Go, Diego, Go”, thank goodness. No, his new favourite show is Super Why, which is all about letters, and making words out of them. And there’s not a talking backpack or thieving fox in sight.

Now I certainly don’t want him growing up to be a couch potato, which is why we’re more than happy to take him to the park just up the road. (Well, that and the fact it wears him out completely so he sleeps past five-thirty in the morning.) But I figure if he’s going to watch something on television, it may as well be educational.

And let’s face it: anything’s got to be better than Dora the Explorer.

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