My life: the soundtrack

I grew up in a very musical environment. My parents weren’t musicians or anything like that (thought my mother and sister both played the piano), but there was nearly always a record playing in the lounge room.

When I was three or four years old I’d sit on the coin-operated horse outside the local chemist, kicking my legs and singing to anyone who walked past. In primary school I would lie in bed at night and literally sing myself to sleep. (It helped that we lived on a quarter-acre block in the country.)

As I got older the singing stopped (when my voice broke, it broke completely), and I began listening to the radio instead, falling asleep to it playing on the clock radio beside my bed.

(I can still remember waking up in a cold sweat when they played “Two Tribes” and I heard the words, “Mine is the last voice that you will ever hear. Don’t be alarmed.”)

Now, thanks to the Internet and MP3 players, I can take my music collection (or at least part of it) with me wherever I go. My iPhone has everything from Abba to ZZ Top on it, and chances are no matter what your musical taste, I’ll have something that will make you want to hurl it across the room.

I’ve come to rely on some of those tracks to help me get through the day. Some lift my spirits, while others act as the drinking buddy to help me drown my sorrows. Sometimes it’s the title that does it for me, and sometimes it’s just a line somewhere in the lyrics. But either way, they’re a permanent part of my collection, and have almost become the soundtrack of my life.

A few songs from that collection:

  • Bring me to life” by Evanescence. Like most people, I’ve had some pretty low points in my life. And while I was down there, this is what was playing on my MP3 player, over and over again. It may have been Amy Lee singing “Save me from this nothing I’ve become”, but she was only saying what I was feeling.
  • Can’t cry these tears” by Garbage. Whenever I’m having one those days where it feels like I’m banging my head against a brick wall, this is what I play. “I just don’t care any more… I’ve reached the end of my rope…”
  • Waiting for my real life to begin” by Colin Hay. Not only is this a beautiful song, the title really resonates with how I’m feeling about my career at the moment.

I’m sure I play a lot of other songs over and over for various reasons, but these are the ones that immediately spring to mind.

So, what songs are on the soundtrack of your life?

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