Morning is broken

As part of our current work agreement we get a certain number of days allocated each year for annual leave, sick leave, carers leave (otherwise known as “My kid’s throwing up again” leave), and so on.

Well, next time it’s up for renegotiation I’m going to suggest they allocate a few more days for another type of leave—“I’m having a really bad day” leave.

You know the days I’m talking about. You burn the toast, your baby throws up on your clean shirt, that kind of thing. You’re in a bad mood before you’re out the door, and everything just goes downhill from there.

And that’s exactly the kind of day I had today. Here’s how it panned out.

The snack bar near my office is still closed for the holidays, despite the fact it’s now mid-January. So I couldn’t get my morning Ice Break, or even milk for a regular coffee. (And if you think going without coffee is no big deal, you obviously don’t have small children.)

About an hour later I remembered there’s a service station ten minutes up the road, and figured they might sell Ice Breaks, or at the very least milk. (I would have realised sooner if I was actually awake, but of course I hadn’t had a coffee yet.) I got the milk okay, but I couldn’t see any Ice Breaks in their fridge and had to settle for a Big M Iced Coffee instead.

After paying for everything I headed for the door, only to find another fridge full of Ice Breaks right near the entrance. I toyed with buying one anyway, but by this stage I just wanted to sit at my desk and stare at the screen for a while.

Just as I was approaching the office to get out of the sun, the fire alarms went off. So rather than cooling down at my desk I stood in the sun for fifteen minutes while everyone gathered at the designated meeting point and made small talk, had a smoke, etc. until we were allowed back into the building.

And then I had to wait another ten minutes before I could get in a lift back to my floor. (Thank goodness I had coffee now.)

At lunchtime I decided to stay inside (there’s no way I was walking in that heat) and read a book while I ate. So I reached into my desk drawer to make my “standby” meal of flavoured tuna mixed into two-minute noodles. But I’d run out of tuna, and so I had to settle for their “beef flavour” instead. (For the record, when Maggi says their noodles are “extra delicious”, they’re comparing it to the packet it comes in. And even then it’s false advertising.)

And to cap it all off the book I’d planned to read at lunchtime wasn’t in my bag, despite me specifically putting it on my desk at home so I wouldn’t forget it.

So there I was, crap lunch, crap mood, no book and, as an added bonus, a splitting headache. Guess how productive my afternoon was?

That’s why we need this kind of leave. I wouldn’t have had to suffer the day, and my colleagues wouldn’t have had to suffer… well, me.

No doubt they’ll need to add a whole bunch of conditions (how many days everyone should get, how many bad things need to happen in a row, etc.), but I’m sure they’ll approve it.

After all, they probably have bad days, too.

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