Letting go

If you’ve been reading this blog over the past week or so you’ll know I’ve been in quite a good mood lately. Well, today that good mood was tested to the limit.

One of my roles in our organisation is to make sure any “official” documents being sent from our IT department can be understood by the rest of the organisation. Some just need a bit of tweaking, while others need a complete rewrite. But it’s a job I both enjoy and take a lot of pride in.

I guess that’s because it’s not a role I joined. It’s a role I helped create. Ten years ago the role didn’t exist, and what we were sending out was nothing short of abysmal. So I started sending edited versions back to the authors to show them how the documents should have been written. (Yeah, I know. A great way to make new friends, eh?)

Anyway, someone saw what I was doing and decided to make the work I was doing a bit more official. A couple of other people who knew how to write came on board, and we became the IT area’s communication group. Anything “official” had to come through us before they went out to everyone else.

A lot has changed in those ten years. The two people I originally teamed up with left years ago. The numbers have gone up and down according to funding. I’ve had several bosses, none of which seemed to “get it” as much as my first boss. And while there are now several other people in the “team”, I seem to be the only one doing any actual editing.

But that’s okay. As I said, I enjoy the work. And there’s nothing quite like handing back the edited version to someone and being thanked for a job well done.

So I was shocked to find another person in the “team” asking if they could approve documents coming from an IT project without me having any input. I was even more shocked when my boss said he was okay with it.

A month ago I would have stormed out of the office to cool off, and then calmly told them I was quitting the role. I know because when I found out it’s exactly what I wanted to do.

But then I decided it wasn’t worth getting upset about, and I just let it go. The anger subsided, and I think I even laughed at the idea. Of course that may all change when I see what they come up with, or when I’m asked to help them out, but I’ll cross those bridges when I get to them.

I also let go of something else today. But that will have to wait for another time.

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