It’s about time

One of the biggest hurdles I’ll face during this whole “becoming a freelance writer” thing is finding enough time to actually do it.

Sure I work full-time, but that in itself isn’t a problem. (I’ve paid for some extra leave this year so I can have a day off every fortnight.) What is a problem is being on four teams who all have multiple projects, priorities (“urgent”) and deadlines (“yesterday”). By the time I come home I’m mentally (and often emotionally) exhausted.

If I was on my own, this might not be so bad. I could spend an hour or so unwinding, have some dinner, and then get on with the task at hand. But I have a wife and young son, and so there’s play time, bath time, bed time, “us” time, and everything else associated with being a husband and father. I’m not complaining—wouldn’t change any of it—but it’s another part of my life I need to factor in.

(And if you’re wondering why I’m writing this post so late, I’ve only just managed to get our son to sleep.)

So finding a block of time to study markets, write query letters, conduct interviews, etc. is going to be a real struggle. (At least until I work out where it’s all going and what I can give up to get more of it.)

As luck would have it, I got to catch up on some podcasts this afternoon while driving our son around until he fell asleep. (Have I told you how much I love my iPhone?) And on Freelance Radio (episode 41) co-host Kristen Fischer said she was having a similar problem. For the next 40 minutes they discussed things Kristen could do, and in each case I thought, “Hey, I can do that too”.

I’m not saying the problem has suddenly gone away. Time will always be an issue for me, and I’ll still be taking that day off every fortnight to “write”. But now I know I can work on my goal every day, rather than justa couple of days each month.

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