It takes me back…

Yesterday’s post brought back a lot of memories, and so I thought I’d indulge in a little reminiscing.

No, I didn’t sit down and watch a season or two of Babylon 5. We don’t have the first season on DVD yet (does anyone know if they’ve fixed the problems with the Region 4 version?), and I’m not sure I could ever go back to watching it on video.

Instead I fired up my computer and played some of my beloved Amiga games.

Now my PC is less than a year old, and while it may not be able to handle Crysis (but hey, can any computer?), it can run most games—including Fallout 3. So why am I going back to playing games that came out 20-odd years ago?

Have you ever heard a piece of music and been taken back to when you first listened to it? Whenever I hear the “Icehouse” album I’m immediately taken back to the lounge room of my parents’ house. I’m sitting on the couch, listening to the album crackling away on our record player while drinking a glass of milk with a dash of vanilla essence.

These games do pretty much the same thing, except they take me back to the rooms I stayed in while I was at university. A bunch of us are crammed in there, my Amiga hooked up to a friend’s guitar amplifier cranked up so high the in-game explosions literally shake the walls. There’s pizza, and garlic bread, and bottles of Coke—probably the best meal we’ve had all week. (The on-campus dining room wasn’t exactly known for its culinary expertise.) And above it all is the sound of laughter as one of us pulls off an amazing stunt or explodes in a ball of pixelated flames.

I sold my beloved machine years ago. But thanks to a bunch of dedicated people on the Internet I can still play all those classic games on my new computer. (When my wife sees me playing them she just shakes her head and walks away.) And while the graphics have dated, and the music doesn’t have quite the impact it once did (but is still pretty damn good), it still takes me back.

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