Ice-cream, fruit and catch-up

It’s the start of a four-day weekend for me (I’m having Monday off, and Tuesday is a public holiday in Australia so we can get all patriotic and race cockroaches). It’s also Saturday, which normally means my wife and I take it in turns looking after our young son for the day.

But thanks to my in-laws looking after our son for the morning (as required by law: “Grandparents must spoil their grandchildren rotten at least once a month”), my wife and I had the house to ourselves this morning. So we did what any consenting couple would do when given such an opportunity.

We watched television. And no, it wasn’t Finding Nemo for the 10,000th time. We actually got to catch up on some “grown up” shows—“Satisfaction” and “Californication”. Not only that, we also got to free up some space on out Foxtel iQ, and now have enough room to record something other than a commercial.

They dropped him back around lunchtime, and we were parents once again. But it was a great morning, and we can’t wait to do it again sometime—possibly when he starts university.

By early afternoon he still hadn’t slept which, as any parent knows, meant he was now a ticking time bomb. So we headed to The Big Pineapple so we could enjoy a sundae together while he slept.

I’m sure Australia’s biggest industry is making oversized fruit and animals out of fibreglass. Not only do we have The Big Pineapple, but out west there’s a fruit shop with a Big Orange out the front. (Next to an aquarium called “Wet Dreams”—classy, eh?) Around the country you can visit The Big Banana, The Big Merino and whole bunch of other big things. I’ve even heard of people organising tours so they can visit every one of these “attractions”, so don’t be surprised if you see a fibreglass bus on the road somewhere.

As it turned out our son didn’t fall asleep, but there was plenty of play equipment (not made out fibreglass) to keep him occupied (or, in parent-speak, “wear him out”) while we ate. Fortunately he’s still young enough to play on the coin-operated rides without asking us to feed them like poker machines.

He’s well and truly asleep now, and I doubt anything less than a nuclear explosion would wake him up. It’s the perfect chance for my wife and me to catch up on some more television.

Or at least it would be if we weren’t falling asleep ourselves.

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