Care factor

A few days ago I talked about the editing work I do in my regular job. About how much work it can be sometimes. About how much I enjoy doing it, and seeing the results.

Well, right now I’m just about ready to give it all up.

No, not because of the work that was taken away from me. I’m still okay with that (though it was hard not to grimace a little when I saw the results this morning). No, what’s finally tipped me over the edge is seeing the editing work being done elsewhere in the organisation. Or rather not being done.

Don’t get me wrong. When it comes to information we send out to the public, we’re pretty good. We have entire processes dedicated to making sure it’s perfect in every way. But when the information is just for our staff, it seems to be a case of “near enough is good enough”.

It doesn’t need to be concise. It doesn’t need to flow. Hell, it doesn’t even need to make sense.

Now I realise we don’t employ people for their writing skills (although sometimes I wish we did). But despite having an entire section looking after the organisation’s official communication, it still gets published.

(And for the record I’ve asked them repeatedly if I can help out with their editing work. But no, they’ve got everything under control.)

And so, as I slog through paragraph after bloated paragraph, I think, “Why do I even bother?”

I don’t want to give up the work. As I said I enjoy the work, and the results. And I don’t want to abandon something I’ve spent the past ten years creating.

But I’m no longer enjoying it as much as I used to. The work I do is just a drop in the ocean, and the ocean’s getting bigger every day. The focus seems to be on getting it done rather than getting right. No-one seems to care any more.

So why should I?

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