Back to the grind

Well, it had to happen eventually: I’m going back to work tomorrow.

I’ve still got the cough, but it’s much better than it was. (So it should be—I’ve been practicing for a week now.) And while it’s been fun visiting the doctor and getting medical certificates, I don’t really feel like collecting the whole set.

Fortunately tomorrow is Friday, so I get to enjoy coffee with friends before heading into the office. (I’ll be getting up at five-thirty tomorrow morning, so I’ll need all the mental stimulation I can get.) Their stories are so much better than the ones I’ll find in my inbox, which usually start with “We need you to” and include words like “schedule” and “deadline”.

That’s probably what I’ll be doing for the rest of the morning—wading through hundreds of messages (I’ve been away for nearly a month now) to see whose deadline is the most important. All the while hoping the ending is a good one (i.e. “Forget it. We got someone else to do it while you were away.”)

Of course, I’ll also be catching up with my co-workers to share stories about how we all spent our holidays. It’ll be good this time around, because I won’t have to make as much of it up as I usually do.

I’ve been home all week, so at lunchtime I’ll probably head into the city to grab some lunch and see if there’s anything at Angus & Robertson or Borders I’m willing to spend my vouchers and gift certificates on.

After lunch there will be more coffee (though nowhere near as good as the Campos Coffee I had earlier), followed by a good two hours of actual work before I have to pick up my son from day care.

And then it will be the weekend. Which is just as well, because I’m not sure I could keep going at such a hectic pace. 🙂

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