Addressing the chair

I’ve just completed a marathon editing session—five chapters and just over 9,000 words. Okay, it was a marathon session for me. Some of you could probably do it during your lunch break.

But I really enjoyed it (probably a lot more than I should), and I learned a lot. And not just about the manuscript topic, either. I also learned:

  • I can only do it for an hour or so before I need a break. The good news is I only need a 15-minute break before I can start again.
  • the universe doesn’t collapse when you shut down Tweetdeck. (Of course if it did they’d be a thousand tweets about it when I started it up again.)
  • If I’ll be doing any more of this work I’m going to need a new chair.

At the moment I’m using one of our kitchen chairs that has only one adjustment—pushing it closer to my desk. My old office chair fell apart a few years ago, and I’ve never quite gotten around to buying a new one.

A lot of people I know have raved about Herman Miller chairs, and the Aeron model in particular. They sounded awesome—right up to the point where I found out how much they cost.

I pretty much gave up on the idea. But after sitting in front of the keyboard for the best part of a day I’m re-evaluating my decision.

And there’s a place that sells them just up the road from where I work.

So one day this week I might actually try one out (I’ll probably have to hand over my credit card in case I try rolling one out the door). Hopefully I’ll get to sit in one at a desk to make sure it does the trick. I may even steal some fake computer equipment from Freedom Furniture so it feels just like I’m sitting at my office desk.

But if they ask me to do any editing, I think I’ll pass. Unless they’re willing to pay me in a few form of currency—Aerons.

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