A very early spring

You know how some people are so happy you want to just punch them in the mouth? Well, that was me today. No, I wasn’t the puncher. I was the guy who deserved to be punched.

For some reason I woke in a really good mood this morning. Of course, having been in the doldrums for the past week or so any change had to be for the better. But I realised I was in a better mood than I have been for… well, years.

Of course as soon as you admit something like that, even to yourself, the universe starts acting against you. And sure enough, it wasn’t long before things started going pear-shaped. The ticket vending machine didn’t work properly. The line at the supermarket checkout was a mile long. But instead of making me angry, it just made me smile. (It’s not like I was in a rush to get to work.)

For the first time in years I walked into work smiling. There was a spring in my step. I can’t say I was happy to be there, but I was determined it wouldn’t beat me today.

And it didn’t.

The universe wasn’t finished with me quite yet. I had to deal with one of our most difficult clients during my lunch break, and a help desk call just as I was about to walk out the door. But I still managed to walk out the door with that spring in my step.

I still had it when I walked in the door, and when my wife came home.

Later, while we were bathing our son, she commented on my good mood, and said I was back to being the way I was when we first met. That was 13 years ago, and so this good mood has been a long time coming.

I’ve still got that spring in my step, which is going to make it real hard getting to sleep. But I guess I’ll have to sleep eventually. I just hope I’ve still got it when I wake up tomorrow morning.

In my current favourite movie there’s a line: “The world’s a playground. You know that when you’re a kid, but somewhere along the way everyone forgets it.”

I think I’m finally starting to remember.

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