A taste of things to come

If this is what you feel like at the end of the day when you’re not a corporate desk jockey, then I’m ready to quit now. Actually, I’ve been ready to quit for a while. It’s my family and our bank manager who need me to keep working.

I pretty much did what I set out to do. After dropping my son off at day care, I went to the local shopping centre and relaxed with an iced coffee before buying a few DVDs I’ve had my eye on.

After that I drove to the beach and walked along the path skirting the shoreline for a couple of kilometres, gentle music playing on my iPhone. It would have been nicer to trudge through the sand, but there wasn’t any. And trudging through pebbles just isn’t the same.

I found a cafe with a lovely view of the ocean, and watched the waves lap the shore whole eating chicken salad and drinking a bottle of sparkling mineral water. (Yeah, I know. Wine would probably be more appropriate. But I don’t drink wine.)

After demolishing the salad I rummaged around in my backpack for my writing pad, a pen and my copy of the Australian Writer’s Marketplace. It turns out I’d left that book at home, but fortunately I had a copy of Jenna Glatzer’s “Make a real living as a freelance writer”, and used that to think up story ideas instead. By the time I’d finished the bottle I’d filled three or four pages with ideas.

By the time I walked back to the car I was buzzing. I was also very sweaty. So I drove home, had a shower, and then relaxed in front of the television as I watched “(500) Days of Summer“. (Yes, I’m in love with Zooey Deschanel. But it’s okay—my wife already knows.)

It was a great day. And I learned a few things as well.

Saying you’ll sit at a cafe with an ocean view is one thing. Actually finding a cafe with an ocean view is another thing, because there’s no “cafes with an ocean view” section in the telephone directory. (If anyone can recommend one in Brisbane, please let me know.)

Sitting on the beach with a writing pad and pen may sound like a great way to write, but in reality you get really sweaty (if not burnt to a crisp) and the breeze keeps flipping pages on you.

Zooey Deschanel looks even more beautiful in high definition.

And I can’t wait to give up the day job.

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