A salute to the single parent

I’m really sorry everyone, but I think I’ll have to skip tonight’s blog post. I’ve been looking after my son since half-past seven this morning, and I’m exhausted. I’ve got half a dozen ideas in my head, but I don’t have enough brain power to get them onto the page.

Not that he’s been very hard to look after (well, apart from the one “gastric incident” we had this morning). It’s just that I haven’t really been able to “switch off” for the entire day, unlike the regular job where I do it pretty much as soon as I walk through the sliding glass doors.

And it looks as if I’ll be doing the same tomorrow. He still has a slight fever, and isn’t eating all that much (though thankfully he’s drinking plenty of water), so it will be back to the doctor for another check-up. (Assuming we can get an appointment.) That means no day care, and therefore no chance of getting to the office to relax.

And the sad thing is this is after doing it for just one day. How single parents keep it up week after week without going insane is beyond me. (My guess is they would except they can’t find the time or the energy to do it.)

To those of you who look after a child on your own week after week, you’re doing an incredible job. The fact you found a few minutes to actually sit down and read this blog is nothing short of amazing.

And now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to fall into bed. If I’m really lucky I might be able to pull up the covers.

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