A pen for your thoughts

It seems I’m a bit of a pen collector.

No, I don’t have them in a display cabinet with the background of each one written underneath. But whenever I go to a souvenir shop, or stay at a hotel, I usually pick one up. (I have one from the Gold Coast’s ParkRoyal, which became Crowne Plaza quite a few years ago.) And of course, they’re a popular Christmas and birthday gift. (“No, he’s a writer. He’ll love it.”)

There’s just one problem: I rarely use them.

I often carry one in my pocket, along with a small spiral-bound notebook, for writing down ideas when they pop into my head. But that’s about it. I write pretty much everything on a computer these days. In fact, the only time I don’t use a computer is when I’m in a meeting. (It’s really hard to doodle with a mouse.)

And so it’s time to cull my little collection. Some I’ll keep because they’re nice to write with. Some I’ll keep because they have special meaning (such as the one with “smart ass” etched on the clip). But the rest will probably go, one way or another.

So if you ever make the mistake of yelling out “Does anyone have a pen?” in public, don’t be afraid if a complete stranger comes running towards you with a bunch of them in his hand.

After all, there’s no point in wasting them, is there?

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